S01E03 – Basic usage of Symfony Serializer Component


Third episode is here! It’s not long but it contains some useful information about Symfony serializer component. I’m talking about example usage of this component and how it works in general.

Probably I’ll create mini series about Symofny components that I’m using but next episode will be about something different. In next episode I’ll talk about testing your code with PHPUnit.

Thank you for listening!

Links from podcast:

  • https://developer.woocommerce.com/2020/10/30/developer-advisory-inheritance-in-php-8/
  • https://developer.woocommerce.com/2020/10/28/woocommerce-4-7-0-release-candidate/
  • https://build.prestashop.com/news/how-to-write-a-new-ui-test/
  • https://shopify.dev/changelog/new-collaborator-account-access-security-feature
  • https://shopify.dev/changelog/show-pickup-availability-on-product-pages-for-themes
  • https://symfony.com/components/Serializer

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